Video: how to make a Fimo chocolate ring?

Video: how to make a Fimo chocolate ring?

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Would you like to always have a few squares of chocolate on you? Do you want to make a gift for a gourmet? Alexandra Tanguy, creator of the brand "Mademoiselle Pomme d'amour", gives you her tips for making a chocolate ring in actuality: 739837 Fimo paste. To consume without moderation !

Watch the video :

Make the chocolate squares

To start your chocolate ring, you must first create the chocolate squares. To do this, heat a ball of brown Fimo dough in your hands. Then roll it between your fingers on a work surface until you get a sausage whose size varies according to the size desired for the chocolate squares. Flatten the sausage using a roller or a glass to obtain a smooth strip of regular thickness. Cut squares in the news: 739837 flattened Fimo paste. Remove the excess dough, then flatten the edges of the squares. Using the back of a knife blade, mark four chocolate squares by making two perpendicular lines on the Fimo square. Bake for 30 minutes at 110 degrees and apply a varnish.

Mount the chocolate on the ring

Once your square of chocolate is baked and varnished, you must then stick it on the ring support. Place the square in Fimo on the reverse, then apply the ring support previously coated with glue in the center of the square of chocolate in polymer clay. Let it dry. Follow the advice of Alexandra Tanguy to make a gourmet and original ring. Watch the video How to make a chocolate ring in news: 739837 fimo paste? on Produced by Minute Facile.


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