Video: sewing a gathered gathered flounce

Video: sewing a gathered gathered flounce

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Would you like to add a touch of femininity to a basic garment? Do you want to make pretty voile curtains and are you looking for ideas for the finishes? So why not try to make gathers? Patrick Bride, director of the company "Janome France", explains how to very simply make a gathered ruffle with a sewing machine.

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Prepare the material to sew a gathered flounce

Before you start sewing a pleat, know that you absolutely need special equipment to make a beautiful pleat. You will thus need a news cloth: 739845 very light fabric (veil for example), a sewing machine, and especially a foot specially adapted for sewing gathered. This element is essential for the good performance of your work: it allows you to obtain a regular, aesthetic and fast result.

Sew the gathered gathered steering wheel

To sew the gathered ruffle by machine, it's very simple. After installing the special foot, install your actu: 739845 fabric in the machine. Sew in a straight and regular way, for a more neat rendering. As the stitching progresses, you will see a pretty gathered gown that will bring lightness and volume to your garment. When you have finished sewing, remove the actu: 739845 fabric from the sewing machine. Your gathered ruffle is now finished. With the advice of Patrick Bride, you will obtain a regular gathered which will perfectly accommodate all your light fabrics. Watch the video Sewing a gathered gathered flounce on Produced by Minute Facile.